A High Elf wizard accompanied by a feisty badger and a pretty loud suitcase. An expert in magical beasts.


Although highly intelligent, Eileane is quite naive and has complete trust in her authorities. She believes everything Matilda says and would trust the badger with her life. She is extremely proud of being able to use her wits to win over Silverflame, a magical silver sword that takes on the shape of any weapon she desires. She is doing her best to be open-minded towards other races, but she is inherently prejudiced towards Orcs and their leaders.


Eileane was raised in Oathwood, the capital of the Elf Queen, into a family that has always been loyal to the Queen. During her studies at the Wizarding Academy in Oathwood she discovered her love for animals, and especially magical beasts. One day, as she was roaming the woods around the city, a feisty little badger named Matilda approached her and that’s how their story begins. She is now on the task to collect as many magical beasts as possible for the Queen, so they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.


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